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Music & Lyrics written by Steve Douglas &
© 2019 All rights Reserved
Shondra Music
Steve Douglas


By Steve Douglas & Shondra Jepperson
©2013 All rights reserved
Shondra Music & Steve Douglas

The real estate agent put the sign in the yard
Gettin' kicked to the curb's got me hurtin' hard
How'd I end up in this lonely empty house
I was a good wife now I got no spouse
Prunin’ the flowers for that curb appeal
And headin' inside for my Hungry Girl Meal
Priced real nice, almost a steal
Bring me an offer, make me a deal

Cuz, I'm back......back on the market
I'm back, for the boys to see
I'm back.....back on the market
Stop by....and bring an offer to me

I hold an open house every day of the week
Rollin’ the dice for that winning streak
No debts, no baggage, no secrets to hold
Gotta close this deal, 'fore I get too old
Want ‘em to know I’m their Jill to their Jack
With my new hairdoo~ maybe blonde, red or black
I don't need any more time to heal
In more ways than one, I’m a hell of a deal

I wanna Looker who's a buyer
Who can make a firm commitment with style
A no forecloser cause he knows I chose ‘em
I’m a sweet deal but a little bit wild

Guys stoppin’ by..say they love my yard
But there's no holes punched in my dance card
Washing the windows, losing some weight
Oilin’ the hinges on my rusty gate
Painting the porch and perfecting the view
I’ll throw you a line – ain’t nothing to lose
Scopin’ the floor - workin’ my smile
I'm rarin' to go - cuz it's been a while...and I'm back....